MSE 201, Phases and Phase relations (Fall)

Introduction to bonding, crystal structures, phase equilibria and microstructure. Quantitative examination of phases (crystalline and non-crystalline structures) and the relationships between phases (phase diagrams and phase transitions).

ENG 198 GC, Grand Challenges (Fall 2012)

Cohorts of students learn together about a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge of their selection. The guiding question is: What can I learn to enable future contributions to a Grand Challenge?

MSE 473: Biomolecular Materials Science (Spring)

This class covers the chemical and physical foundations of biomolecular materials science. The course consists of a series of modules on the structures and functions of basic classes of biological molecules, including lipid membranes, nucleic acids, and proteins.
We discuss how these biological materials self-assemble and often interact with one another into their functional forms. These aspects of biomolecular materials constitute a fundamental tool to design biomimetic systems.