With the support of the Strategic Instructional Innovations Program (SIIP) and the Materials Science and Engineering Department, Prof. Leal is implementing active learning techniques in her courses, and a number of other strategies proven to improve teaching and learning experiences.

MSE 201, Phases and Phase relations (Fall)

Introduction to bonding, crystal structures, phase equilibria and microstructure. Quantitative examination of phases (crystalline and non-crystalline structures) and the relationships between phases (phase diagrams and phase transitions).

ENG 198 GC, Grand Challenges (Fall 2012)

Cohorts of students learn together about a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge of their selection. The guiding question is: What can I learn to enable future contributions to a Grand Challenge?

MSE 473: Biomolecular Materials Science (Spring)

This class covers the chemical and physical foundations of biomolecular materials science. The course consists of a series of modules on the structures and functions of basic classes of biological molecules, including lipid membranes, nucleic acids, and proteins.
We discuss how these biological materials self-assemble and often interact with one another into their functional forms. These aspects of biomolecular materials constitute a fundamental tool to design biomimetic systems. 


Prof. Leal is named on the List of Excellent Teachers for MSE 201 (Fall 2015)

Prof. Leal is named on the List of Excellent Teachers for MSE 473 (Spring 2017)