Principal Investigator


Cecilia Leal, Ph. D., Assistant Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1304 West Green Street, MSEB, Urbana, Illinois, USA, 61801
Phone: 217-300-1955; Fax: 217-333-2736
Office: 201c  Materials Science and Engineering Building (MSEB)

Postdoctoral Scholar

Sherry Leung, E-mail:

Involved in the study of the interaction of complex lipid topologies with inorganic and biological materials


Ph.D. Simon Fraser University

Graduate Students

Hojun Kim, E-mail: 

Investigating the role of nanoparticle intricate structures in their capacity to cross cell membranes



Minjee Kang, E-mail: 

Developing lipid and lipid-polymer composite materials for surface based cellular delivery


B.S. Postech

Dylan Steer, E-mail:

Studying the interactions between hard and soft materials in the context of directed-assembly


B.S. University of Alberta

Sarith Bandara, E-mail:

Incorporating therapeutic-loaded lipid nanostructures within hydrogel biomaterials for cell reprogramming



Mijung Kim, E-mail:

Developing oxygen gas sensors to discover oxygen diffusion properties within lung surfactant films



Yookyung Go, E-mail:

Developing responsive polymer-lipid hybrid thin films


M.S. Seoul National University

Jacob Rueben, E-mail:

Investigating phase transitions in nanostructured particles for triggered drug release


B.S. Oregon State University


Marilyn Porras Gomez, E-mail:

Characterizing the nanostructure of biomaterials through Atomic Force Microscopy 


M.S. University of Costa Rica

Undergraduate Students

Tom Molley Priya Bharath